J. R. Patrick is second from the left on the back row. No other information is available about this photo.
My earliest memories are of school. Kindergarten was a friendly place for me. The bookshelves across the back of the room, the chairs lined up in half circles, the smell of cedar shavings used by the janitor to clean the hardwood floors. The original heat was provided by a coal furnace underneath the knidergarten room. The sounds and smell of the coal fire are in the deep recesses of my memories. Kindergarten was only half a day then. But, after school I went to the Goodwill Center, 2 blocks down Eleventh Avenue. It was a shotgun shack with additions, including a brick auditorium and kitchen. The lunch was still cooked in the old kitchen. I remember English peas and gray ground beef as the traditional meal. We lined up for "Sunshine" (Cod Liver Oil) after lunch in the back yard. I always did my best to avoid this. I hated the taste and it made me gag.