Boogerville Born and Raised
The History of a Neighborhood

A neighborhood has a life. It is born, lives, and dies over a span of time. Columbus, Georgia, was incorporated in 1828. This is well-documented by John H. Martin in "Columbus, Geo., Part One-1827-1846." It is available here: Columbus, Geo..

Early maps document the spread of the town from the banks of the Chattahoochee River.
Map 1. Columbus in 1872
Map 2. Columbus in 1886
Map 3. Columbus 1907 Sanborn
Map 4. Columbus 1929 Sanborn
Map 5. Columbus 1949 Sanborn
Map 6. Columbus Comprehensive Development Plan 1947 Residential Areas
Map 7. Columbus Comprehensive Development Plan 1947 Neighborhoods

The beginnings of the neighborhood known as "Linwood" are documented and full digital text is available at, "Columbus on the Chattahoochee," by Etta Blanchard Worsley (1951). Excerpt from page.